Tips to make your next moving easy

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Make your Moving easy

Moving to your new home is a pleasure and excited experience one have in their life until you wrap the things you have with you. The most difficult thing while moving is packing You have to pack each and everything with proper care and affection. Make a list so that you can find your items easily after shifting to new house.

Moving & packing

  • Plan your move

Planning your move can lessen your stress and increase the chances of packing items easily. According to your plan for packing, you can save your time and money as we all know time is money.

  • Pack the things that you immediately

Pack your utensils, toilet paper, pots, towels, bins etc .You can put this in a separate box with label Immediate Needs Or any specific name.  Place the box with you on the day of moving to get the things when you need.

  • Label Your Boxes

Label each box with the room name and its items inside the box.  Make list of items on box to easily find things in the box. Mainly the movers will get to know where to put the box in the truck safely. Label the sides of the box to interpret the box.

  • Fill New Address Form

Fill the form six to eight weeks before moving to new house. Make sure you receive the mail when you move.

  • Wrap breakable items in separate bag

Wrap breakable items individually with bubble wrap packing paper. Clearly label the box with ‘fragile’ and mark with the arrow to make face up of box. Put the heavy items in the bottom and light weight items on the top of the box.

  • Utilize the Boxes according to size

Put light weight items in separate big boxes like pillows, bed sheets, cushions etc and in between that put those things which are breakable. In small boxes fill the area with books and all study material. This type of packing will lowers the chance of box breaking.

  • Insured your valuables

Check your insurance to see whether all your items are covered during your move. What type of insurance they are providing and kind of paperwork is needed to file the claim for loss if appears.

  • Pre clean the Bathroom & Kitchen

Before moving to new house clean bathroom and put bath towels and toilet paper for bath. After shifting you need shower and want to be fresh for a while. So this helps you in your new house.

  • How to connect your Electronics

Click a picture before disassembling your electronics so you can remember where the wires should be attached when assembling.

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