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Time-Saving Furniture Removal Tips for Your First-Move

Furniture Removal

  • The heavy & bulky furniture must be disassembled when preparing for your first move.
  • AFTER Disassembling Furniture
  • Collects all nuts and bolts in a separate bag and put a tag to easily find them before assembling.
  • You must have the following materials for Furniture Removal:-
    1. Packing Tape
    2. Bubble Rolls
    3. Foam Wrap, Newspaper, Packing Paper, Tissue Paper
    4. Mattress Covers, Wardrobe Boxes, Hanger Boxes
    5. Glass and Dish Packers
    6. Text Markers
    7. Make some notes while preparing for Furniture Removal
  • Use wider Packing paper for breakables because they need special packing tricks known as the wrap and roll technique.
  • Secure all small items by using ziplock seal bags.  Use Storage bags like vacuum sealed or zip carry bags for your clothes, soft toys, pillows that provides protection from insects, moisture and dirt.
  • Newspaper should only be used to cover the items that are already protected.
  • Fragile objects such as electronic things, artwork fibers, glass paintings and ceramics require special packaging for safe shifting.
  • From tools to electronics, from babies toys to everyday household supplies, Foam peanuts fill every corner and keep your packed items safe during your move. Foam peanuts may be used and reused beyond moving purposes. Foam peanut also known as packing peanut and shipping peanut.
  • Focus on one room a time and then others .Label the boxes with room name and item name.
  • After wrapping, Collect all things at one place and find the best suit boxes for packing your stuff. Three things you should keep in mind when you are ready for packing is get the best quality boxes, choose the right box for the right item you are packing and how you pack is most important as anything else.
  • Wrap your entire furniture with moving blankets that can protect furniture from any kind of damage. You can choose blankets that can be best suited on your furniture as these blankets can vary in different sizes. Use Furniture covers which can protect them from dust, dirt and water during move. Tie them with tape tightly for secure furniture removal.
  • Label the boxes as FRAGILE, in which your breakables are packed and place them separately.
  • Non-breakables should be packed tightly in boxes.
  • You can pack appliances like AC, Coolers, lights and other electronic equipment in the boxes they came in.
  • Lifting techniques are important when lifting heavy, bulky shaped objects.
  • After doing your bed apart, tie the frames together with tape.
  • Secure all your refrigerator items like drawers, ice trays, and other loose parts.
  • When the time comes to say goodbye to old furniture, you might find yourself just how tricky furniture removal can be.
  • Roll up your floor covering like carpet, mat and rugs and secure with tight rope.
  • My Mate Movers have the advanced technology with manpower to complete your move in a safe and responsible manner. Packing goods, loading properly and transporting products safely and securely is a mover’s main responsibility.

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